Recognizing that particular from the caterer’s finest headaches is the best way to match the item needs while using the equipment to how large the wedding, you’ll find as wide a number of solutions as challenges.

Equipment Groups

1. Simple cooler or cold box on wheels – this might encompass from your Igloo(TM) with a tricycle or pushcart. It’s generally not refrigerated but just an insulated box, that might possibly use dry ice.

2. Cold Plate Freezer – slightly bigger when compared with cold box, much heavier and depends upon heat transfer from large metal plates a part of the walls in the freezer. This sort of freezer should be connected overnight to awesome lower while using advantage that no power is needed in the catering event. You are simply relying on the thermal characteristics in the plates themselves to keep product from spoilage. It might be transported around the small utility trailer or minivan.

3. Standard Freezer – requires power continuously to avoid product spoilage. Generally lighter than cold plate freezers, the disadvantage is they must be connected continuously. However, in line with the insulating characteristics in the freezer, you’ll be able to move it 2-3 hrs unplugged without possibility of product spoilage. It’s also transported around the small utility trailer or minivan.

4. Small trailer – the system generally incorporate a typical freezer and possess all of the necessary support equipment for instance sinks, awnings etc. on-board.

5. Concession Trailer – generally a considerably bigger, towable unit, that might contain several, built-in freezers. The system might be configured for a number of other supporting products for instance waffles irons, soft serve and/or dipped frozen goodies, or possibly complementary products for instance hotdogs.

6. Frozen Goodies Truck – generally vending only novelty products and soft serve frozen goodies. Frozen goodies trucks generally aren’t used at specific occasions, but more a roaming opportunistic atmosphere.

Generally, most caterers may wish to think about the center three configurations. However, in individuals three configurations there’s a number of scalability and overlap involving the styles.

Health Department Rules for Mobile Catering

Rules vary broadly nationwide from fairly loose to very strict. The higher relaxed Health Department may allow dipping out of your Igloo(TM) with a little more sanitation than 3 buckets water. The strictest – numerous whom will be in California – almost stop dipping in the mobile atmosphere altogether whether a 3 bowl sink and clean water is quickly available. The final outcome here’s you can examine along with your local Health Department for guidelines before even considering a purchase.

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