There are many different types of white wine available. These wines range from fairly dry to very sweet. Some are bubbly while others are still wines. White wines are made from white grapes, which are grapes without their seeds or skin. They are generally fruity in taste, although some are fairly rich. White wines can easily be identified by their colour. If you’re a wine aficionado, you understand all of your different white wine options. If you haven’t had much wine, though, you may not know the differences between the main types of white wines.

Sauvignon Blanc

A sauvignon blanc white wine is perfectly paired with salads, seafood, and poultry dishes. This wine is originally from the Bordeaux area of France but today some of the top sauvignon blanc wines come from New Zealand and Australia. The wines from the warmer parts of Australia have their own unique taste that is unlike those made from grapes grown in other parts of the world.

A sauvignon blanc wine usually tastes of anything from sour apples to melons and mango. Some people find that it has a smoky quality to it, while some others describe its character as that of freshly-cut grass or vegetables.


A semillon white wine is usually paired with mussels, pasta salad, clams, or other seafood if a sauvignon blanc isn’t available. Also, like sauvignon blanc, it was mainly produced in the Bordeaux area of France but can now also be purchased from vineyards in California, Australia, Argentina, and Chile. This wine has a very distinct taste of fig. In fact, it’s so strong that it may be blended with another white wine to delimit its flavour. This creates a very full-bodied wine.


A moscato wine is often drunk by itself, although it can also be paired with desserts because it’s very sweet. It comes from Italy and Austria primarily, although it can be grown in any climate where muscat grapes do well. It is a very fruity wine that has a very sweet taste to it. It has some grapefruit characteristics and is easily recognisable if you’ve ever tried a muscat grape.

Chardonnay is a very popular white wine that was often drunk along with chicken or fish. It comes from Burgundy in France, although today chardonnay can be grown in virtually any warm climate. However, only about two per cent of all wines produced today are chardonnay. Much of this wine is made in the U.S., France, and Australia.

Chardonnay has a variety of different tastes that range from wide-bodied to dry, rich to buttery.


Rieslings are dry wines that can pair well with pork, chicken, or fish. They also do well with salmon and tuna or even with eel or other spicy foods. These wines typically come from Germany, although some great rieslings are produced in the Eastern part of the United States and from Alsace.

Generally, a riesling has a light taste to it that has an aroma like fresh apple. However, the taste and flavour do greatly differ depending on where the riesling originated.