While most people only think of having food catered for weddings, anniversaries or other family celebrations, many businesses frequently need catering services. They may have food catered when their board of directors meet, when throwing a Christmas party for their employees, or when recruiting new staff. Business caterers not only supply food for large events, but for smaller ones as well.

Small Catering Needs

While some caterers only handle special or large events for businesses or individuals, there are smaller catering companies which are hired by businesses for simpler food needs. Since most companies don’t put kitchens in their buildings, they may want to hire caterers when celebrating good news, or when supervisors may wish to provide their teams with lunch in appreciation for their hard work.

Some companies may need breakfast food catering for the managers’ or executives’ weekly staff meeting. They may only need bagels, croissants, muffins, juices, and fruit for these meetings, instead of an elaborate buffet. However, they may provide a breakfast buffet for early staff meetings that include all their management personnel.

Food as Incentives

It isn’t unusual for companies to provide food for their employees as an incentive to get a project done on time or as a reward for achieving company goals. If a team has record sales or wins a company-wide contest, then they may be served a lunch buffet as a reward. Even if it’s just a pizza party, they will call a company to deliver food to their building and will allot a certain amount of time for the team to celebrate their achievement.

Large Event Needs

Many businesses hire catering companies when they wish to throw a party with employees, their significant others, and other guests invited. They may want to provide snacks and drinks to celebrate an expansion of the business, provide a buffet and drinks for a Christmas or New Year’s party, or cater meals for an annual meeting of their stockholders. There are many reasons a business may wish to hire a caterer to provide food to staff or special guests.

Choosing a Caterer

When your company wants to have food catered to their location, they will need to decide what type of catering service to use. While you can order from a pizza or sandwich shop and have them deliver lunch to one of your departments, a catering service should be hired to provide buffets, meals with table service, or a variety of food when needed for staff meetings. There are many large catering companies that specialise in preparing food for large businesses or, for simpler needs, you can find smaller catering services who can accommodate your requests.

Everyone likes a free meal, so businesses often use food as an incentive to encourage their staff to achieve the company’s goals. Having a catering company provide breakfast or lunch for the entire staff is something many people look forward to and it can be used to boost morale when needed. If you want to reward your staff, hire a catering company to feed them.