You have finally managed to buy a pellet grill after going through several traeger grill reviews. Now you are enjoying a steady stream of delicious food. You may be cooking and enjoying a fresh baked pizza. You may have noticed that after every cookout, there is some grease and ash in the grill. In order to keep your new friend (grill)in good health so that it can cook your favorite food items, you need to clean it at regular intervals. Here is a cleaning guide you can follow.

The beauty of a pellet grill is that there are no pots or pans, which you have to wash after every cooking.

Between each cook

After every cookout,you do not need to follow a hectic cleaning schedule. For a quick cleanup, you need to do the simple things. Make sure to empty the ash before every cooking. Other than emptying ash, wipe away the food residue. It would be great if you clean the grill grates with a wire brush especially designed for grill cleaning. This saves you from getting a burnt taste on your food because the residual food will burn while cooking.

Clean it thoroughly

It is imperative on your part to clean your grill after 50 hours of cooking. Keep it clean even if you are not cooking on your pellet grill regularly. Read traeger grill reviews to know more about them.


  • Safety is at top priority; before cleaning the pellet grill make sure that your grill is cool and unplugged. If there are some wood pellets, then empty the pellets hopper, this will save the pellets from becoming wet.
  • There are several good quality stainless steel cleaners available in the market; you can use them for cleaning. To clean plastic components, use water and soap.
  • After spraying the cleaner on these trains, leave them as it is for a minute. This will help you to break down stains.
  • Use a cotton cloth to wipe of the cleaner. If you still find stains, then you can repeat this process to remove the remaining grease.


  • Make sure that you have unplugged your grill from the power source.
  • Open the lid and take the cooking grate out and other components like drip tray and extra racks. While taking them out remember how these components were installed. This will help you reassemble them.
  • Use hot soapy water to clean the components thoroughly.
  • Make sure that your grill is dry before you start cooking again