The West Sioux Falls City’s local history is known to be of great importance to its people. Not only they celebrate it, but also they put extra effort into creating attractions where it will let the next generations feel and experience the origin of their great city. It is known to have a variety of excellent museums, towers, houses and of course the Big Sioux River. So if you are strolling around the city and decided on a food trip, come and stop by at Boss’ Pizza & Chicken Delivery in West Sioux Falls where you can find the best food treats in the city.

The Food

Boss’ Pizza and Chicken offer a variety of food selections depending on your appetite. If you don’t yet have the appetite, Boss’ Pizza and Chicken offer appetizers to wake up the food person hiding inside you. Our food is not only offered for customers who go to our store but also to people who are having rest at home. Boss’ Pizza and Chicken are always at your service in delivering our best food to your homes.

  • Pizza – You are very much assured that Boss’ Pizza and Chicken has the best-tasting pizza in the city. You can choose from our traditional pizza and the best selling signature pizza.
  • Appetizers – Depending on what you choose, we can offer you the best food that will surely open the other side of you.
  • Sweet treats – After a delicious heavy meal, it is in the culture where almost all the people in the world will look for a sweet finish. Well, Boss’ Pizza and Chicken can give you what you are looking for.
  • Roasted Chicken – Boss’ Pizza and Chicken is the only place that can give you a hearty roasted chicken in the city. Chicken lovers will love more, and even people who hate them will start preferring chicken in our store.
  • Pasta and Salad – Pasta is the most attractive heavy snack anyone could not resist. Boss’ Pizza and Chicken offer a variety of pasta menu that suits your taste. Who could ever say no to salads? Well, you can find the best salad that you have ever tasted in Boss’ Pizza and Chicken.

The Place

To go to the best place that offers delicious food in the city, just find the famous Dairy Queen, and you will find beside it the Boss’ Pizza and Chicken. Westwinds Casino and TownePlace Suites by Marriott is just a mile away from our store. We are just one block away from Dunham Park. So if you are on a rest day and you are enjoying your day by strolling around the city plus shopping, and then complete your perfect day with family at Boss’ Pizza and Chicken with a satisfying and delicious heavy meal. The complete address of Boss’ Pizza and Chicken is 5330 W 26th Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57106.