Learning how to eat oysters the right way is a lifehack everyone needs to learn! Whenever you are in a steakhouse in Atlanta such as American Cut Steakhouse or in any fine-dining establishment, the least that you would want is to look like a noob when it comes to eating oysters. That being said, keep on reading the rest of this post and learn from the insights that we will be sharing.

Check if it is Fresh

The next time that an oyster has been served in your table, the first thing that you should do is to give it a quick check and see if it is indeed fresh. In one article from Vanity Fair, the author notes that the meat needs to be opaque and there should be seawater present. If the oyster meat is too transparent, this means that it was not able to absorb enough food during its growth. It should not also be too thin. Most importantly, it should not have a bad smell.

Know the Types of Oyster

Ordering oysters in the cool restaurants in Buckhead can be overwhelming for the uninitiated. With this, you have to know the types of oysters and the kind of flavor that you can expect so that you can choose one that will tickle your taste buds. Generally, you can choose between two types. If you want it briny and salty, go for East Coast oysters. On the other hand, if you want it sweet, look for West Coast oysters.

Forget about the Fork

When eating oysters, you can ditch the fork! While you might think that it is rude, it is actually the proper way of eating oysters. You should slurp it out directly from the shell. The liquid and the shell will complete your oyster-eating experience, providing texture and flavor. In some cases, you will be given a tiny fork when the oyster is served. The fork, however, should only be used to be sure that the meat is no longer attached to the shell. Once it is free, you can sip it out.

Skip the Condiments

This is one thing that is a subject of debate amongst foodies. At least, for the first shell, do not use any condiment. This will give you an unadulterated flavor. If you do not like the taste, this is the time that you should consider adding condiments. A squirt of lemon may be enough. You can also use horseradish or cocktail sauce to enhance the flavor. Make sure to use condiments sparingly.

Chew the Oysters

When you look at people eating oysters, it might seem like they are chugging a shot of tequila when eating oysters. Nonetheless, the right way to eat oysters is to chew it, which will allow flavors to explode in your mouth. The meat has all the flavors, so make sure to savor it through chewing.

Now that you know the proper way of eating oysters, do not be afraid to order eat the next time you are eating out and do not look like a fool!