While some people cannot even imagine of having their chocolate live by in their refrigerators for more than some hours, there are still many people that want to save their chocolate for weeks or even sometimes months! If you too fall in the second category, you are definitely going to benefit greatly from this article.

Storing bulk chocolate and keeping it fresh might be a challenge previously, but that is no longer the case! Just keep the following pointers in mind and you are sure to savour it for much longer time!

Never refrigerate

Chocolate can easily absorb the odours of anything present in refrigerator. Moreover, moisture present in the refrigerator can even result in “sugar bloom”. It means that sugar rises to surface and may discolour the chocolate. While it doesn’t affect the flavour, it definitely doesn’t look and sound appealing, isn’t it?

So, it is recommended to store it in a dry and cool place. In such a way, the emulsion of cocoa butter and cocoa solids will remain stable for even months.

However, in extreme summer conditions, you might require putting chocolate in fridge. After all, not everyone may have air conditioning unit. In such case, wrap up the chocolate tightly so that it can be protected against condensation and odours. You can then seal it in a proper airtight container. Moreover, when taking it out, let it be back to normal room temperature before you un-wrap it. It will keep them edible for 3-6 months.

Don’t let your dogs reach your chocolate!

For some of the dogs, chocolates may act as strong stimulant and sometimes they might even have heart attack. This reaction will greatly depend on dog and the amount that they eat. However, if your dog eats the chocolate bar, don’t panic. Just call your vet and they will do the next!

Keep chocolate in properly sealed bags

You can keep the chocolate bars in quality freezer bags and can just squeeze it before sealing. After that, put it into an insulated box or a clean cooler. You must put mint as well as other flavoured chocolates in separate cooler or separate sealed box. You need to take care that there aren’t any odours in cooler.

So, now you know how to store your favourite chocolates properly, right? Buy your favourite chocolates in bulk now and enjoy them every day by following the right storage process of them.