While I find Italian food fascinating and flavorful, it was only recently that I got hooked with ravioli. I first had it at Scarpetta, an Italian restaurant in Manhattan. Since then, I got busy researching about the tips and tricks on how you can make the perfect ravioli, some of which will be shared in the rest of this post.

Choose the Right Type of Dough

If you want to enjoy the same ravioli that is being served in the top 5 Italian restaurants in NYC, you should start with the right dough. Italians use two main types of flour for their pasta – semolina flour from durum wheat and Italian double zero flour from soft wheat. For the best ravioli, you have to use the latter. It will make a delicate pasta that will not overpower the flavors of the fillings.

Make the Pasta Thin

When making the pasta, make sure that it is thin. When it is thick, it will have an evident flavor and will take the spotlight away from the stuffing. To make thin pasta that does not easily tear, you need to make it slightly sticky. Proper kneading of the dough is also important.

Eliminate the Air

To cook the perfect ravioli, it is also important that you eliminate any excess air and that you seal it properly. If there is excess air inside, this will cause the ravioli to balloon once it is cooked. Press around the dough to get rid of air. Lightly moisten the dough first before sealing to make sure that it won’t open up once you are in the middle of cooking.

Mind the Filling

The filling is the star of the ravioli. Without the filling, it would just be an ordinary pasta dish that is smothered in sauce or dunked in a sea of broth. An empty noodle will never taste great. Feel free to experiment with the fillings. Think about the preferences of those who will be eating the food. Some of the best ravioli fillings that are easy to make include beetroot and cashew, sprouts and fig, sweet corn and ricotta, and braised lamb.

Cut it Properly

You also have to pay attention to the way the ravioli is cut. Remember, you have to handle it with care since it is delicate. Your best bet is to use a scalloped pastry wheel. It will not only make the ravioli look beautiful, it will also improve the sealing. You should also not leave too much skirt around the filling.

Do not Overcook

When you are cooking ravioli, make sure to not overdo it. As most experts would suggest, cooking time should only be about one to two minutes on average. When it is overcooked, the pasta will end up being too soft. It can also be punctured and the stuffing will come out. After cooking, drain it properly so that it will not be damaged.

With the secrets that have been mentioned above, it will be easy for you to cook ravioli like an expert Italian chef!